Frequently asked questions

How long does ID verification take

A couple of hours to 1 business day. Usually within minutes 

Where are you located?

U.K based. 

How long does an exchange take to complete?

Usually within minutes. Could take up to 1 day, but rarely

How do you verify ID documents

Our cyber security experts are in charge

Can I delete my account entirely?

Yes, for sure. However, we will follow the procedure mentioned in our privacy policy

Can I exchange other cryptos that are not available in your list?

Yes, you may just need to contact us.

Can I invest with pp2pm ?


Can I buy pp2pm

No, pp2pm is currently not for sale

Which countries do you support?

All countries of the world

How do I leave a testimonial ?

Kindly login to your pp2pm account, click testimonials and add one or use this link: 

How do I upload verification documents ?

Login to your pp2pm account, click verification or follow this link: