Frequently asked questions

How long does ID verification take

A couple of hours to 1 business day. Usually within minutes 

Where are you located?

U.K based. 

How long does an exchange take to complete?

Usually within minutes. Could take up to 1 day, but rarely

How do you verify ID documents

Our cyber security experts are in charge

Can I delete my account entirely?

Yes, for sure. However, we will follow the procedure mentioned in our privacy policy

Can I exchange other cryptos that are not available in your list?

Yes, you may just need to contact us.

Can I invest with pp2pm ?


Can I buy pp2pm

No, pp2pm is currently not for sale

Which countries do you support?

All countries of the world

How do I leave a testimonial ?

Kindly login to your pp2pm account, click testimonials and add one or use this link: 

How do I upload verification documents ?

Login to your pp2pm account, click verification or follow this link: 

How do you accept PayPal payments?

There are two PayPal payment options:

A: Goods and Services 
Pros: [Available for all PayPal customers] 
Cons: [Double fees]

B: Friends & Family/Trusted people
Pros [One time fee]
Cons [Available to certain countries]

We accept payments if only they are made with the friends and trusted people option. Reason is because there's only one sided fee and not double fees. When a customer pays using goods and services, PayPal charges them a fee and also charges us a fee for receiving those payments. In every case, we will only convert the final amount we received. This usually leads to hassle for customers, so we simply accept payments from option B