Terms of service

To use this service, you must have read and understood our Privacy Policy: https://www.pp2pm.com/page/privacy-policy

User Agreement & Terms of Use of PP2PM

1.1 The Agreements herein determine rights and responsibilities of any user who has expressed willingness to become the customer of PP2PM exchange, hereinafter referred to as "We".

1.2 User has a right to accept or decline all the terms outlined herein and onward.

1.3 This agreement is bilateral and determines rendering of e-currency/crypto-currency exchange service to the user. The user who can also be our customer reserves sole right to decline to the terms outlined in this Agreement.

Provision of Personal Information by User/Customer

1.4 Each User/Customer is obligated to provide their real identity in order to PP2PM service. Handling of personal information is outlined in our privacy policy.

1.5 When you select each currency route, we'll automatically give you the rates that correspond accordingly, confirmation of each exchange means that you agree to the outlined rates. If you do not agree to the rates or have any issues, feel free to contact us.

1.6 You can contact us at any time regarding changing, updating and deleting your personal information

1.7 Every customer is aware that we're only providing an exchange service and will not be liable for any risks or losses that customer may encounter while dealing with third parties onward. 

1.8 Users and Customers have no right to copy, reproduce, clone or duplicate any element of PP2PM's services including the website: https://www.pp2pm.com/

Use of your personal account AKA profile

1.9 Every account is personal, there are no business accounts available on PP2PM

1.10 Each customer is fully responsible for the state of their account, access to it and its control. If you have the feeling that you may have been hacked, phished or being monitored by someone else, please get in touch with us immediately. 

1.11 We are not responsible for premeditated and unpremeditated use of any customer/user's account for any illegal transactions.

1.12 Registering in PP2PM is an indication that each user/customer will legally use the services of PP2PM without the intention of causing self harm or harm to other people, and will not in any way act to invoke system damage, attacks etc.

1.13 We reserve full rights to accept or decline business relationship with anyone who signs up and wishes to use our services. 

1.14 It is prohibited to transfer your account to another individual. Each account has to be handled and managed by the account owners themselves.

1.15 Crypto-currency exchange service is final. Thus, when an exchange is completed and we've sent out the equivalent from our side, recalls are not possible. We cannot recall a completed exchange.

1.16 We solidly advise all users/customers to only exchange between their accounts, so that an incidence from 1.15 will not be a case.

These terms are subject to change without prior notification, in order to be up to date, we solidly advise you to visit this page before using our services. However, when there is a need, we will also send an email about changes to our terms of use.