Privacy Policy

Privacy information

Protecting your information

1. We take every bit of your information seriously. The very beginning of it is your personal information. All the data and information you provide upon sign up are encrypted and cannot be seen by a third party. Your information which you saved with us, cannot be seen by anyone else but you and by us, for the purpose of identifying and verifying you only.

1.1 You have the options to sign up via Google or Facebook, these are applications from which your data is fetched automatically via API and filled into your signup/sign in forms. We will never post or comment anything on your social networks. In actual sense, these social sign ups are not built in anyway to allow any third party to post on your wall or comment on your posts. You have the right at any time to swap from social login to your regular username/password option. In this case, you will need to contact us.

1.2 Signing up with us is at your own risk, by default, no system or server is 100% secure whilst in the sign up process. This means that, during sign up, if you have any viruses or malwares in your device that intercepts your information, we cannot be held liable. But once your information reaches us safely, we can guarantee in all our power to keep your information safe.

2. What we collect from you

By default, our sign up process requires: Username, Full Name, Email address and phone number. These are the information required as we believe are sufficient and appropriate for everyone to have. Your nationality, race, orientation and all life choices are welcome. This service is for all citizens of the mother earth.

i) When exchanging between crypto-crypto, we do not require the verification of personal documents such as ID, passport and selfie. However, some exchange gateways/route pose a higher risk and as such, we may require you to verify your Identity by providing the required documents. This is determined by our system and depends on the exchange pair you wish to achieve.

ii) We will not support anyone to sign up on behalf of someone else, each person should sign up on their own and will be bound to our terms of use accordingly

iii) Upon visit on our website, our system automatically detects your device type and IP address. This is no secret as your device and IP is like the identity of your laptop/pc/mobile. We use these in improving our services to match all devices and also in our verification processes.

iv) When you initiate an exchange and make a payment which should come from your own wallet/account, we will check the sender's information from which the payment was received. If this information is contradictory to your personal information we may reject to fulfill your exchange. If you have used a nickname in the beginning and wish to amend it to your real name, please contact us to make such changes.

3.1 When we may or not contact you regarding your personal information

(a) In case PP2PM is acquired by a larger company or sells a major part of it as shares to another company, before doing so, we will contact you and seek your consent. You have the right to proceed with the new establishment or quit PP2PM entirely.

(b) If we are under any circumstance required by law to fulfill a legal obligation which requires us to disclose your personal information in order to prevent fraud or money laundering, we may do so without contacting you. We want to make the world a livable place for everyone and as such, we will comply to local laws aimed at protecting each individual of the planet earth.

(c) When we have the reason or understanding that you could help us prevent fraud or money laundering, we will contact you for assistance. In this case, you have the whole right to assist with such investigations or not.

(d) When we have encountered a loss due to mishaps occurring out of our operational error or any related outcomes from you, we will contact you for amicable ways to process a recovery.

(e) When there is a court order, warrant, subpoena that requires your attention
(f) When we need to propose our marketing campaigns for which we believe will benefit both you and PP2PM
(g) When we need to recover debt arising from credit or chargeback
(h) When we have a good need develop customer/partner relationships, services and other systems.

(a) We have a set of automated emails which we consider relevant. Such automated emails will be sent to you when you initiate a transfer, when your transfer is processed, when your transfer status changes, when your information are verified and when we have the need to send you a manual email.

(b) All communications between PP2PM and customers are carried out on the website: support is given only via email and chat. To prevent fraud and data breach, we do not use third party applications such as whatsapp, messenger of any sort and skype. 

4. Where we store your personal data
4.1 Your personal data are stored in our cloud servers within the EEA. It may be processed by our staff working remotely outside the EEA, but does not mean your data will be shared or compromised in any way. 

5. Sharing your data outside of the EEA
5.1 In case any instance of section 3.1 is met, then your data may be shared outside the EEA

6. Automatic profile verification
6.1 All customers who have been previously verified by any affiliate or sister company of PP2PM do not need to undergo another verification. We will check your email address against that of our affiliates, if it returns positive, you will gain automatic verification. Automatic verification can also arise by good customer relationship, long time history of successful and completed transfers and verification data collected along your exchange history.

7. GDPR and Data Retention

7.1 Your data can only be accessed on a need to basis. We will never share, sell or advertise your information via any vendor, website or o any reporting agencies. If you have the need to report your tax, you can do so on your own accord, we will never report anything to government bodies

7.2 We will always delete your data upon your request. However, if you have made any bank transfers with us or have exchanged via PayPal, we will retain your data for additional 6 months to ensure we do not get any chargeback/complaints within this time. After which, we will delete your personal information to null.

8. Your rights
8.1 You have the right to ask us to improve any feature of our website/services which is affecting you negatively. However, this will be debated within all customers to ensure that the issue does not only affect one person.

8.2 You have the right to contact us to correct any of your information which is inaccurate or is outdated. You have the right to choose to use or not to use our services any time.

8.3 You have the right to ask us to delete your data when it is no longer necessary, or no longer subject to any applicable retention period. i.e. if you initially asked us to delete your data, but have made a bank transfer or a PayPal transfer, after 6 months, you can contact us again to delete your data. 

8.4 Our Services may, from time to time, contain links to google ads for the purpose of our analytics and business growth. If you click on any ad, please note that these external links have their own privacy policies and are totally different from us.

9. Available access to your information
9.1 You can contact us at any time to ask for the information we have about you. This include: Your sign up information, transfer history and uploaded documents. 

10. Changes to our privacy policy
10.1 Any changes we may make to our privacy policy will be added on this page and, when necessary, we will inform all customers about any changes that may affect their usage of PP2PM. Be sure to check this page often, whilst using our services. 

11. Our rule
11.1 Any business involving crypto-currencies is highly risky, if you are exchanging for business, investment or for any other reasons, you are doing so at your own risk. We're only providing you with the medium to exchange from one currency route to another and by doing so, we are entirely off from any risks you may encounter afterwards.

11.2 We have a team of cyber security experts, but however we want you to be smart and protect yourself from financial loss. If you meet someone online and they want you to pay for a service on their behalf but want it in crypto, they are likely a scam. If you are in doubt of any payment you want to exchange through us, feel free to get in touch, we will be glad to hear from you. 

11.3 We are only offering our services to you, we reserve the right continue working with you or to to quit or stop any business relationship with you. In latter case, we may not provide you with any reasons and in the same process, your account may be suspended, terminated or deleted entirely.